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    Mutual Funds

    The Mutual Funds Act 1996 regulates all mutual funds activities in or from the territory of the British Virgin Islands ("BVI"). This flexible and innovative legislation sets quality benchmarks protecting the interests of investors, financial institutions and the jurisdiction. This legislation has enhanced the benefits to multinational companies and established the BVI as a reputable and cost effective location for international finance.

    Hudsun Fund Services Limited ("Hudsun") is licensed under the Mutual Funds Act, 1996, to provide administrative and management services to mutual fund companies. Hudsun offers advice on the various types of fund licence available and the legislative requirements in respect of those licences. Hudsun also files the necessary applications on behalf of its clients, and acts as a liaison between the mutual fund regulator, the client and the lawyer.

    Corporate directorships and nominee shareholders may also be provided by Hudsun. Hudsun works closely with their clients' professional advisors and promoters in setting up the fund and will administer the fund in a professional manner, ensuring compliance with the BVI Mutual Funds Act.

    Some of the administrative functions include:
    • Maintaining share registers
    • Processing share subscriptions and share redemptions
    • Communicating with shareholders
    • Liaising with the auditors, lawyers and other professional advisors
    • Organising directors and shareholders meetings
    • Arranging NAV calculations
    • Arranging Financial Statements