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    BVI Trusts

    The British Virgin Islands is a stable and attractive jurisdiction for the creation and management of trusts. A trust is a well established English concept in common law, the significance of which is the separation of legal and beneficial ownership of assets. The legal ownership of assets is vested in the trustee with the beneficial ownership of the same assets vested in another. Because of this difference in ownership, trusts are effective for estate, financial and tax planning purposes. There are no disclosure or public registration requirements in the BVI for a trust.

    BVI Trustee Services

    Hudsun provides trustee services that include a wide variety of both private and corporate services for the benefit of a diverse number of beneficiaries. When establishing a trust, Hudsun customizes the trust documentation to fit your personal circumstances. In accordance with the trust document, Hudsun acts as your trustee and administers the trusts. Hudsun also administers the underlying companies in which the trusts own assets, subject to the provisions contained in the trust document in which the Virgin Islands Special Trusts Act (VISTA) legislation applies.